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Avatar of Alpbennett

1 review

I returned unwanted items on 26th February and ...

6 months ago

I returned unwanted items on 26th February and still haven't received a refund or a response to my email. Not impressed.

Avatar of Fred Reid
Fred Reid

1 review

Fast delivery of product

7 months ago

Fast delivery of product. Excellent quality. I ordered a few to try at home and the delivery was on time. Really good website, easy to use and very good prices.

Good prices

7 months ago

Good prices and Good shop. Their delivery is blazing fast. I highly appreciate it. Satisfied customer 100%

Poor, I ordered two items online and paid

1 year ago

Poor, I ordered two items online and paid. The following day I was notified that both items were out of stock. The items should not be available to order if they are out of stock. I have never experienced this before and do lots of internet shopping. My first and last order.