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Avatar of Jörn Pohl
Jörn Pohl

1 review

I work there for 5 months, not good at all

5 months ago

I work there for 5 months. Its horrible, don't use! Better stay away from them. For cleaners is very exploitative.

Not satisfied with the cleaning

5 months ago

Cleaners coming late, not speaking language properly or very little. Service should be better for that pricing. I will look for alternatives.

Poor experience for the worker

6 months ago

Helpling gives poor experience for the worker. Very harsh, takes a lot of percent of the money. Also no health benefits. If you get sick and you cant come to clean, they will still charge you. Not recommended by me, stay away from them. Also not recommended to customers.

I have work with this platform since 2015. The...

6 months ago

I have work with this platform since 2015. The company has been handle over to another team.. They says your are working as self employed. Now they introduce a payment system to hold your money for two weeks after from the day cleaning took place. The customers make they payment as soon as you comfirm the invoice so why should helpling have to hold the amount you been paid fir for over two weeks Secondly they introduce another system missing appointment. When you miss appointments incase of emergency they will charge you for 50 euros. And this money goes to their pockets and customers don't know any thing. They are using and all he cleaners money for two weeks to invest which is very bad. Stop working with this platform

Avatar of Sneakrr

15 reviews

Helps a lot when you are busy. If you are lucky...

9 months ago

Helps a lot when you are busy. If you are lucky with a cleaner it's worth the money

Avatar of Bob S.
Bob S.

19 reviews

Quite satisfied. Wish prices are slightly lower...

10 months ago

Quite satisfied. Wish prices are slightly lower. I’d recommend going for higher rated cleaners. It pays off

Avatar of Vladimir

19 reviews

Prices and services are good

11 months ago

Prices and services are good, but sometimes it's hard to communicate with people who are sent over to clean because of lack of language skills..

Avatar of Charlie

29 reviews

This service is a roll of a dice

11 months ago

This service is a roll of a dice. Sometimes cleaners are punctual and do a great job, but sometimes it's a disaster. Having mixed feeling about Helpling tbh

Avatar of Wendy Julia
Wendy Julia

20 reviews

Super service

11 months ago

Cleaners arrive on time and offer super cleaning service. Transparent prices and good service. Select high ranked cleaners to get the best results

Avatar of Indrid C.
Indrid C.

37 reviews

The service was so-so

11 months ago

The service was so-so. Cleaners are sometimes flaky and not showing up. It costs a lot if you want any extra cleaning done. They also set up the minimum hours possible to book which doesn't work for smaller apartments.