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3 months ago

DON'T ORDER FROM THEM. The worst customer service experience I have EVER had. I placed an order on the 4th June, I emailed on the 11th to inquire about when my order would be shipped. I was told 1 item was out of stock and they expected to have it in a couple of days and my order would be shipped in full then. On the 15th I got another email saying the main part of my order was out of stock followed by another email 4 minutes later saying something else was out of stock. At this point, the only part of my order left cost €7.98 and the shipping was €5.99. I immediately emailed and asked for my order to be cancelled. I didn't receive an answer so I called the number on their website. Nobody answered the phone so I sent another email. Then I sent a whatsapp to another number listed on their website and once again received no answer. By now had spent an entire afternoon trying to contact them to no avail. The next day I got a shipping email and coincidentally very soon after that I actually received a reply saying, sorry we can't we've shipped the order. Spend your money somewhere else where you might actually get what you ordered.