Build your circle of trust!

People who trust you are your biggest brand ambassadors. Brands that are transparent, responsive and show genuine care for their customers are more likely to gain recurring customers, if their experience was not stellar.

Reach and grow your audience

Customers love companies that care. Reach out to your customers and get their feedback. You can invite your existing customers with 2 clicks and politely ask for a review.

Trust = More Sales!

One of the biggest purchasing incentive is the trust. By collecting reviews, you show courage, transparency and integrity! The result? Better conversion rate and more sales!

Let TrustRuby make it all easy for you - for free! No upfront payment method required, no trial period and it's very simple to integrate with your website or e-commerce shop.
If you have any questions - whether it is about the business profile page, the integration with your online shop or managing reviews from customers, feel free to contact us!